Increased sales pro­duc­ti­vi­ty frees sel­ling time and saves mil­li­onsCon­su­mer Pro­ducts

The image of a com­pa­ny is very important. Would you want to work with a con­sul­ta­ti­on com­pa­ny who­se office was in sham­bles? We judge things often by their appearance, espe­ci­al­ly when see­ing some­thing for the first time. If you are an excel­lent com­pa­ny with a bad image or appearance then you may have loy­al cli­ents but new cli­ents will be hard to get.

What does work, howe­ver, is the abili­ty to pre­sent the com­pa­ny as being pro­fes­sio­nal and expe­ri­en­ced. When we walk into an office that is neat­ly arran­ged and great­ly desi­gned we imme­dia­te­ly begin to think posi­tively about the com­pa­ny.

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Con­sul­ting the­me is an inva­luable part­ner. Our teams have col­la­bo­ra­ted to sup­port the gro­wing field of prac­ti­tio­ners using coll­ec­ti­ve impact. We thought a lot befo­re choo­sing the Finan­cial Word­Press The­me becau­se we wan­ted to sure our invest­ment would yield results.

Lisa Ken­ney
Chair­man, Blue­wa­ter Corp

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